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New Fishing Product

123 Simple Fishing Rig

Easily adjust the height to minimize tangles

Price $.99 each

Maryland Adopt-A-Trail Program

Henson Creek Trail

A Frequently Asked Question

Fishing Question: Do you make custom rigs?

Answer: Yes. Use the "Site Consultant" box in the bottom right hand corner of the page to send us the specifications and we will do our best to create the rig for you, free of charge.

More Frequently Asked Question

Basic Fishing Tip #10 of 25: Get in the Zone

Get in the zone. Once you find the general location of the fish the next step is to determine their position in the water column. In other words, are they feeding on the top, bottom or suspended somewhere in between. There are several things you can do to get your bait in that sweet spot that will trigger a strike. If you are bottom fishing you can adjust the weight. If you are targeting bass and other game fish you can vary your retrieve. Depending on the bait, a faster retrieve can cause a spinner bait to rise in the water column but can make a crankbait dive. There are some baits that by design will float on top of the water or suspend when you stop your retrieve. The size and shape of spinner blades will also have an impact on lure position. Colorado blades create more resistance thus rising higher in the water column than willow leaf blades of the same size.

Read more basic fishing tips provided by 123 Fishing Rigs.

Fishing Rig Product Application Summary

Fishing Rigs for Surf, Pier and Bottom Fishing:

Products designed to catch all types of bottom fish that feed from 0 to 15 inches off the bottom. Made for surf fishing, pier fishing, pond fishing, river fishing or boat fishing either horizontally or vertically. These rigs are pre-made to collapse for easy storage and expand for fishing. Most of our products are adjustable in that they allow you easily move components and change the colored beads and blades. We also have a Bottom Float Lure designed to fish directly on the bottom with a rigid tail hook that always floats upward. Check out our Bottom Bouncing Spinner Rig or our High Low rig which is 100% adjustable or our Signature Rig or our Drop Shot Rig or our Jig Rig or our See/Saw Rig or our Basic Fishing Rigs. Use the "Easy Selection Guide Map" above to see more product details for your application or our navigation bar.

Fishing Rigs for Bass and other Game Fish:

Use these products to catch any gamefish (largemouth and smallmouth bass, perch, crappie, walleye, redfish, bluefish, striped bass, etc...) in the top and middle columns of fresh and saltwater. Includes 3 and 5 arm castable umbrella rigs and spinner baits with interchangeable beads and blades. We also have a Bottom Float Lure designed to fish for game fish that feed near the bottom. The lure sits on the bottom with a rigid tail hook that always floats upward. Our Basic Fishing Rigs have applications in all layers of the water column. Use the "Easy Selection Guide Map" above to see more product details for your application or our navigation bar.

Fishing Rigs for Ice Fishing:

Designed for ice fishing vertically in the bottom water column through ice holes 5 - 10 inches in diameter. Includes quick strike rigs and wire dropshot rigs with fixed and adjustable hooks. We've also added a spearfishing decoy enhancer for Sturgeon fishing. Use the "Easy Selection Guide Map" above to see more product details for your application or our navigation bar.


-123 Simple Fishing Rig now available. Our simplest rig with adjustable leaders.

-123 Fishing Rigs is celebrating over 1 Million lifetime YouTube views

-Convert your Alabama Rig® into a Boo Rig® and back again easily with this umbrella rig extender available on our Accessories page.

-Perfectly straightened monofilament leaders now available.

-We have upgraded all spinner blades to nickel plated brass for superior corrosion resistance in freshwater and saltwater.

-Available now! 123 High Low fishing Rig - Bait arms are removable and adjustable to prevent tangles.

-123 Fishing Rigs has adopted a section of Maryland's Henson Creek Trail in Fort Washington. Take a virtual tour or read more>

About 123 Fishing Rigs - We're a U.S. based fishing tackle business established in 2009. We design, test, manufacture and sell high quality, easy fishing products for freshwater and saltwater fishing in the spring, summer, fall and winter. Our top priorities are customer satisfaction and protecting our natural resources. We love to catch fish and are always looking for new and easy ways to do so. We even do custom request and would love to hear from you.

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