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Established in 2009, we're a fishing tackle company based near National Harbor in Fort Washington, MD USA. We design, test and manufacture high quality, easy fishing products for fresh and saltwater fishing in the spring, summer, fall and winter. Our favorite places to test product and shoot videos are located all along Maryland's Chesapeake Bay and any of it's tributaries. Simply put, we love catching fish and sharing our knowledge with others so they can catch more fish using our unique products. This website has over 200 pages of fishing rigs and accessories.

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Many of our rigs are the result of special request from our customers all over the world. We have items on sale often and also offer bulk discounts on selected products. Our shipping structure is simple, a flat rate of $4.95 for any size order or free shipping on orders over $30. Our desire is to see recreational fishing passed down to the next generations, so we share as much knowledge as possible through education on this website. If you have a specific question, comment or just feed-back feel free to Contact Us.

If you own or manage a fishing tackle store and would like to sell our products at your physical store, contact us to receive a 25% discount on bulk orders for resell.


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Additionally, our top three priorities are: the environment, the future of fishing and our customers. We protect the environment by using recycled materials for shipping and also packaging that's gentle to the environment. We support the future of fishing by creating unique products to catch fish. Where possible we support environmental activities such as the adoption of a portion of Maryland's Henson Creek Trail for clean-up four times a year. We take care of our customers by providing high quality products at competitive prices. We also recycle our test rigs by sending them to potential customers. Sign up today.

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To see pictures search Maryland DNR Angler Logs for 123 Fishing Rigs or their Flickr page



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123 Bottom Fishing Products Hello I live 15 minutes down Indian Head Highway and I just ordered some 30 inch rigs online, then found out your out of Fort Washington! Lol! Do you have a tackle shop? If so what's the address? If not, you should! This area would kill for a local tackle shop! Especially one with unique items like yours! Good luck! by A. #raft
123 High Low Whip Rig Hello from the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico; just wanted to give you a thumbs up on your high low whip rig with double float arm.  I recently used it at a an area where i usually snag my line because of the rocks near the shore. But this rime the only thing snagging the line were the blue fish that  i was catching. Best rig i have used so far. Looking forward in trying your other rigs soon. by Richard
123 Signature Fishing Rig Great lure :D by Fasola &
123 High Low Rig All right I'm sold where do you buy these, fantastic Concept!!! by Warren
123 Website Best site I have ever seen. I have learned more on this site than anywhere I have been. by Jim
123 Signature Fishing Rig dude that rig is awesome... by fresno
123 Signature Fishing Rig didn't know any one still made hand made rigs like this looks nice good work by vexbomer
123 Signature Fishing Rig So cool! My brain would have exploded thinking that product up.  Nice work! by liquid214
123 Signature Fishing Rig Hey you made that awesome fishing Rig how much and where i could get one. by PETE
123 Signature Fishing Rig This a great rig. Thanks for sharing. by raw236
123 Signature Fishing Rig looks like a great rig for spider rigging I'll give it a try and get back with you by Roger
Bottom Fishing Tip It's good to see it live. by Dehaven
Bottom Fishing Tip I am a surf fisherman and never thought of that. Thanks! by TheRaw236
123 Wire Drop Shot Rig Nice by Mr17brandiff
123 Castable Umbrella Rig Awesome video man! These rigs look great! by Michael
123 Castable Umbrella Rig that will catch just about anything!!! by MultiFishman13
123 Castable Umbrella Rig VERY NICE LURE... by MrMontenegro11
123 Castable Umbrella Rig Nice fishing!!! by nccountryboy1
123 Castable Umbrella Rig Amazing! by Brandon
123 Basic Rig Works like a champ by mroutdoorsman28
123 k1 Serial Spinner Bait dude. i cannot believe you just caught catfish on in line spinners, are those channel cats? I've heard of jigging catfish, but never using spinners - that was very impressive. You must live down south somewhere? Catfish never get that active here in Las Vegas! Great video by mackles
123 Multipurpose Fishing Rig Looks good by underground fishing
123 Multipurpose Fishing Rig ha that's pretty cool thanks for uploading by rhey
123 Serial Spinner Bait Very Cool! by Zack
123 Multipurpose Rig (6 inch) Bought one for my 5 year old son to use bottom fishing and he out fished me. by Croakerman
123 Bottom Fishing Products I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the quality of your work. They are better then I expected. I am thrilled I found your website. I wish I would've ordered more. Keep up the GREAT work. by Bruce B.


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