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Beginner Bottom Fishing Rig

It's Easy

Basic Bottom Fishing Rigs
Adjustable float & hook position

Rigged and Ready Price $3.99

Start Fishing in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Attach your mainline to the top eye-loop

Step 2: Attach a 1 ounce weight to bottom clasp

Step 3: Put a small piece of worm on the hook, cast and get ready.

The easiest bottom fishing rig you will ever fish. Just add a 1 ounce weight to the bottom clasp, a small piece of worm to the hook, cast and wait for the strike. If fish are there you won't be waiting long. Just like our other rigs, this rig is fully adjustable. Start by attaching the rig to your mainline. Next slide the red beads and clear rubber holders to the bottom of the rig and put the adjustable white float in the center of the trained, rigid monofilament leader. Float will keep the hook from coming in contact with the bottom which means a perfect bait presentation just above the bottom with no snags or tangles. The float always creates just enough bait action to trigger a strike in high current or no current situations. If the species you're targeting normally swims higher in the water column, just slide the red beads and clear holders to a higher position on the rig. Hook is small enough to catch small species but strong enough to pull in larger species too if you take your time. See video below for an underwater view of the bait presentation.

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Product Features
Length: 12 Inches
Wire Material: Stainless
Wire Diameter: .032"
Beads: Two red beads
Leader: Adjustable
Hooks Size: 4
Leader: 40lb test Mono
Leader: Rigid Straightened Mono
Leader: 7 inches
Swivel: Duo-lock Snap
Swivel: 50lbs
Design: Open
Storage: Streamlined
Weight: Not included

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