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Here's how: Use the navigation buttons or search bar above to review over 200 of the rigs available on our website. A few of our best sellers are shown below. Make a note of the rig you like. Send us an email using the "Request Free Sample Rig" button below. In the email provide your name, the name of the preferred rig and the address of your local tackle shop. We'll review your request for approval.

To save on shipping cost we'll combine all request from fellow fishermen in your immediate area, and make a single shipment to your local tackle shop for free pick-up by you. We won't ship the items until we receive at least ten request from anglers in your area, so don't forget to tell your friends. You will be notified via email when the items have shipped. If you have questions, contact us.

High Low Fishing Rig 30 Inches Mainline fishing bait arm without swivel 4 inches Hybrid Drop Shot Fishing Rig Basic-Rig-Red-30

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