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DIY FIshing Rigs DIY Fishing Accessories

Make your own fishing rigs

Fishing Wire
Fishing Sleeve Sleeve
Fishing Beads Red 8mm Beads
Fishing Wire Stopper Rubber Stoppers
High Low Rig Legs High Low Rig Legs
Bait Arm Hook LearHigh Low Bait ArmsBait Arm Hook Lear
Fishing HookHooks with Trained Leaders
Trained Mono Leaders
Fishing Beads Assorted 8mm Beads
Fishing Split Ring 30# Test Split Ring
Fishing Swivel 30# Test Swivel
Fishing Swivel 40# Test Swivel
Fishing Swivel 50# Test Swivel
Wire Leaders 4" - 15" Wire Leaders
Fishing SpinnerAdjustable Spinner Add-On
Fishing Spinner Softbait Spinner Add-On
Spinner Blade Harness Spinner Blade Harness
Treble Spinner Treble Hook Spinner

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