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Our 12" Top Bottom / High Low Single Fishing Rig

Easy to adjust for zero tangles. Easy to link together and catch multiple fish. Easy to add a rattle using pennies. Easy to store in your tackle box when you're not fishing. Link them together to make a multi-bait bottom fishing rig that fits in a standard tackle box.

Hi Lo Surf Pier Bottom Wire Fishing Rig

Rigged and Ready Price $2.49

Product Features:

Total Length: 12"
Wire: Stainless Steel
Wire Diameter: .032"
Design: Open
Beads: 4 Red
Hooks: See DIY Acc.
Leader Line: See DIY Acc.
Bait Arm Length: 4"
Bait Arm: Adjustable
Bait Arm: Removable
Bottom Swivel: 50 Lb Test
Surf Fishing: Yes
Pier Fishing: Yes
Boat Fishing: Yes
Premade Rig: Yes

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