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Snag Free Fishing Rig - 30" High Low Whip Rig

30 inch, Double Rig with arm floats

Makes your bait highly visible
Keeps your bait off the bottom without adding floats directly to the hook
Hooks won't tangle or snag the bottom
Move float closer to the rig to fish closer to the bottom
Move float away from rig to fish higher up off the bottom

Hi Lo Surf Pier Bottom Wire Fishing Rig

Regular Price $6.95


Product Features:
Total Length: 30"
Wire: Stainless Steel
Wire Diameter: .032"
Design: Open
Beads: 8 Red
Hooks: 3/0 Circle
Leader Line: 40 Lb Test
Leader Line: Trained
Hook & Leader: Adjustable
Hook & Leader: 7"
Float: Foam
Float size: 1"
Bait Arm Length: 10"
Bait Arms: Adjustable
Bait Arms: Removable
Bottom Swivel: 50 Lb Test
Bottom Swivel: Removable
Surf Fishing: Yes
Pier Fishing: Yes
Premade Rig: Yes

Rig Comments

Hello from the Carribean Island of Puerto Rico; just wanted to give you a thumbs up on your high low whip rig with double float arm.  I recently used it at a an area where i usually snag my line because of the rocks near the shore. But this rime the only thing snagging the line were the blue fish that  i was catching. Best rig i have used so far. Looking forward in trying your other rigs soon...Richard

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