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Our 30" Snag-Free High Low Whip Rig

Hi Lo Surf Pier Bottom Wire Fishing Rig

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Product Features:

Bait Action: Whip
Visibility: High
Total Length: 30"
Wire: Stainless Steel
Wire Diameter: .032"
Design: Open
Beads: 8 Red
Hooks: 3/0 Circle
Leader Line: 40 Lb Test
Leader Line: Trained
Hook & Leader: Adjustable
Hook & Leader: 7"
Float: Foam
Float size: 1"
Bait Arm Length: 10"
Bait Arms: Adjustable
Bait Arms: Removable
Bottom Swivel: 150 Lb Test
Bottom Swivel: Removable
Surf Fishing: Yes
Pier Fishing: Yes
Premade Rig: Yes

Rig Comments

Hello from the Carribean Island of Puerto Rico; just wanted to give you a thumbs up on your high low whip rig with double float arm.  I recently used it at a an area where i usually snag my line because of the rocks near the shore. But this rime the only thing snagging the line were the blue fish that  i was catching. Best rig i have used so far. Looking forward in trying your other rigs soon...Richard

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