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Bottom Spinner Rattle Rig

Fishing with options

With an open design you can easily change colored beads and spinner blades

Bottom Bouncing Spinner Short Wire Rigs
Attract the big fish and scare away the little ones.
Designed for slow drifting or high current conditions

$5.95 Each

Product Features


Design: Open
Total Length: 8 Inches
Wire Material: Stainless
Wire Diameter: .032"
Tri-Beads: Five multi-color
Rattle Beads: 8 Red
Hooks: One 1/0 duratin J
Swivel: 20lbs
Clevis: Quick Change
Clevis: Stainless Steel
Spinner: Brass/Nickel
Spinner: Removable
Spinner: #3 Colorado
Spinner: #3 Indiana
Spinner: #3 Willowleaf
Spinner: #7 Colorado
Weight: .2 oz
Difficulty: Medium
Cast and Retrieve: Yes
Boat Drift Fishing: Yes
Premade Rig: Yes

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