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Bladed Hybrid Treble Hook

Replace the tail hook on your best hard bait or jig to make them better.

Small fish strike, big fish bite.

bladed hybrid treble hook

Bladed Hybrid Treble Hook- $2.99 Each

bladed hybrid treble hook

Bladed Hybrid Treble Hook with Chartreuse Bead- $3.49 Each

Underwater Demo Yozuri Hard Swim Bait & Sting Silver Jigging Lure

Product Features
Treble Hook: 4X Size 1
Treble Hook Style: Short Shank
Treble Hook Gap: 9mm / .35"
Treble Hook Diameter: 25mm / 1"
Barrel Swivel: 25 lb test
Split Ring: 30 lb test
Spinner Blade Material: Brass/Nickel
Spinner Blade Type: #3 Colorado
Spinner Blade Type: #3 Indiana
Spinner Blade Type: #3 Willowleaf
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Difficulty: Easy


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