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Basic Fishing Tip #10 of 25

Get in the Fishing Zone

Once you find the general location of the fish the next step is to determine their position in the water column. In other words, are they feeding on the top, bottom or suspended somewhere in between. There are several things you can do to get your bait in that sweet spot that will trigger a strike. If you are bottom fishing you can adjust the weight or use one of our many adjustable rigs. If you are targeting bass and other game fish you can vary your retrieve. Depending on the bait, a faster retrieve can cause a spinner bait to rise in the water column but can make a crankbait dive. There are some baits that by design will float on top of the water or suspend when you stop your retrieve. The size and shape of spinner blades will also have an impact on lure position. Colorado blades create more resistance thus rising higher in the water column than willow leaf blades of the same size.

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