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Basic Fishing Tip #12 of 25

Ugly Fishing Baits

Ugly baits can work. Sometimes the uglier the bait the better. For example, when bottom fishing a big, long, messy worm often outperforms the nice neat worm carefully threaded on a hook with just enough worm used to cover the hook. Another example could be the creature baits available in the bass fishing community. They don't necessarily favor any single animal found in nature, but instead are a combination of animals, such as a lizard, crawdad and fish.

The bottom line is, they're ugly and they work. We can't tell you how many times we have caught fish using the craziest of baits. One word of caution, do not to confuse ugly baits with dirty baits. Fish know when your bait has been tainted by grass, weeds, leaves and mud. It's easy to be lazy and just keep fishing but it will limit your results.

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