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How to limit line tangles

Line tangles are probably the top frustration among anglers. Unfortunately, tangles have become a normal function of fishing, especially when you use monofilament leaders. There are a few general and easy ways to minimize tangles for any fishing rig. Tangles can happen during two periods of your cast. Either while your lure/rig is traveling through the air or after it hits the water and begins to sink. You can minimize air tangles by making sure that the weight of your lure is heavy enough to positively carry your line toward the target. In other words you don't want your rig to be heavier than your lure and spin in the air. To prevent tangles that happen after your lure hits the water, you should stop the forward momentum of your lure right before or as soon as it hits the water. Doing so will cause the lure to sink at a sweeping angle back towards you instead of sharp vertical angle which can cause line twist and tangles.

Lines can also twist when retrieving your lure or rig, especially if they are not properly tuned. If your line is allowed to twist too much they will coil and cause a tangle whenever there is any slack in your line. A good swivel tied between your leader and main line will absorb the twist and keep your line straight. Tackle box tangles are another concern for anglers. The best way to limit tackle box tangles is to remove leaders before storing. You can also put cork plugs on the end of your hooks or you can purchase hook protectors. A tackle box that has separate compartments for each rig will work well. Most of our rigs have built-in features to limit tangles in the tackle box.

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