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Basic Fishing Tip #18 of 25

When is the best time to go fishing

All fish feed based upon some of the following factors: Sun, Moon, Tides, Weather, Location, Water Quality and the availability of food. If fish are hungry, they will always look for food until they find it. Even if fish are not hungry you can still get them to bite by downsizing your bait and hook to a very small size. Try it, it works!

Back to the question at hand. When are the best days and times to fish? The short answer is spring and fall days as close as possible to 4-5 days after the full or new moon phase. In terms of times of day, try 45 minutes to one hour before and after sunrise or sunset as well as 45 minutes to one hour before and after moonrise and moonset.

A great resource can be found in this website and These are excellent starting points in determining the best day and time to fish. There are also several apps available that take some of the guess work out of the process. However, the only way to test them is by purchasing a few of them, going fishing and comparing the results. Another great resource can be found in all of the fishing forums that exist on the internet. Guest and registered users can search by species and location to determine where the fish are biting and what techniques to use to trigger the bite.

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