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Basic Fishing Tip #23 of 25

You can learn a lot from a minnow

Minnows are just miniature versions of other game fish. If you're a very serious fishermen and you have the resources, you should try setting up a basic fish aquarium and stocking it with fish from your local stream. Introduce different factors and note the responses. You can test the fish's response to particular colors, scents, bottom aggregate, vegetation, structure and current. Some of the questions you will be able to answer are: Are the fish more active during particular times of the day? Does moon phase or tide effect fish activity? What do the fish do when they have finished feeding? How does water temperature effect fish activity? Do fish rest? If so, where? What makes a fish change from being social to being aggressive and territorial? How would a fish respond to your bait, even though it is as large as they are? How smart are fish, do they learn from their mistakes? You'll be amazed with the results.

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