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Bait Bags for Bottom Fishing

Add a whole worm, cut bait or carp bait to bag, pull draw string ends, cinch closed, tie, trim and cover your hook. Never loose your bait again.

Bottom Fishing Bait Bag
Live bait is better than the freshest dead bait. It goes without saying that a large number of fish can sense electro-magnetic fields emanating from live bait. The longer your bait is alive the longer it will attract a bite. When you cut your worm into pieces it dies within minutes and you loose one attraction property. This mesh bag keeps a whole worm alive, intact and securely attached to your hook awaiting the big bite. It also prevents small fish from stripping bait from your hook leaving you empty. This mesh bag all but guarantees a catch.

$.99 Each

Product Features
Material: Fine Mesh
Mesh Diameter: 3.5 inches
Draw String: 10 lb braid

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