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Our Fishing Weight Bag

Eco-friendly Fishing Weight
(An alternative to toxic lead)

Did you know that 100 pennies weigh about 9 ounces but a 9 ounce lead fishing weight would cost about $4.00. Why not use pennies instead of toxic lead? Now you can with our cloth weight bags. Each bag holds about 100 pennies which is about 10 cents per ounce. You can customize the weight needed by using less pennies. When your done fishing you're still left with a $1. Pennies work best but you can also use sand or gravel. If you get snagged or hung up you've only lost $1 and left behind something that's safer for the environment.
Think about it.

fishing weight bag

$.49 Each

Product Features
Size: 1.5" wide x 2.75" tall
Material: Cloth
Draw String: Yes
Capacity: 99 Pennies (9 oz)
Difficulty: Easy

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