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#1 Bottom Fishing Accessory
Mainline Fish Attractor $4.49


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Basic Bottom Rig - Red (12 inches) $3.49

Basic Bottom Fishing Rigs

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Basic Bottom Rig - Red with Chartreuse Float $4.99

Basic Bottom Fishing Rigs

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High Low Double Threat Wire Rig $4.99

Fishing Rigs

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Adjustable DropShot Jig Head & Hook - Amber $4.99

dropshot head and hook

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What's a Fishing Rig?

A fishing rig is anything you attach to the end of a fishing line to help you catch bigger, better and more fish. It can be a collection of accessories such as hooks, beads, spinners, bobbers, wire, monofilament, swivels, clasp, sleeves, floats, sinkers, weights, etc... Fishing rigs are used to catch fish from shore, piers, surf, bridges, jettties, canoes, kayaks and other boats. By design a fishing rig can target mutiple species at any level of the water column. Fishing Rigs fall into the fishing tackle category.

As you can see, fishing options can be endless. As with anything, more options bring more complexity. That's why we created 123 Fishing Rigs to make fishing as easy as possible. We make all types of easy fishing rigs.

About Us
Fishing in Maryland


Here at 123 Fishing Rigs, we take some of the guess work out of fishing by making over 200 complete fishing rigs that are ready to fish. That means that in many cases, after your purchase, all you have to do is add bait and you're ready to start fishing. We make fishing rigs using monofilament line, braided line and wire. The choices are up to you. Many of our rigs are adjustable so you can change the presentation to fit the current circumstances. Whether you are a novice fishermen or an expert, we have a fishing rig for you

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If you prefer to make your own fishing rigs we also sell the individual components as well as partially made rigs. We sell coiled wire, straight wire, colored beads, swivels, sleeves, split rings, spinner blades, stoppers and more. Visit our DIY Accessories page to see all of the options.

DIY DIY Fishing Pliers Accessories


If you're the type of angler that's always thinking of a better way to catch fish, but you lack the technical or mechanical skills to execute your plan, then your still in the right place. Just present your idea and we'll try to make it a reality for you. Some of our best fishing rigs are the result of designs inspired by some of our customers. Just visit our Custom Rigs section to see some of those unique fishing rigs.

Custom Custom made fihsing rigs Rigs


If you can't find what you're looking for after navigating our site and using our search bar at the top of each page, feel free to send us an email using the contact us page and we'll promptly respond as soon as possible.

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About This Website: This website is arranged by summary topic to facilitate an easy navigational experience in getting to the detailed subtopics. All of the fishing rigs on this website are made and sold exclusively by 123 Fishing Rigs. We carry over 200 easy fishing products. Each product page has a product picture, description, price and video. The video may be instructional in nature or practical with actual footage of us using the rigs to catch fish. There are also quick navigation links anchored to the top of each page and in the page's footer as well. For our users that prefer an advanced site search feature we have that as well on our search page. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our customer service department.

Customer Reviews:

Best site I have ever seen. I have learned more on this site than anywhere I have been. - Jim

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the quality of your work. They are better then I expected. I am thrilled I found your website. I wish I would've ordered more. Keep up the GREAT work. - Bruce B.


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