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Basic Fishing Tip #17 of 25

What to do about snags

This is an age old problem that exist with any bottom rig. When bottom fishing you should use a main line attached to your rig that has a pound test rating greater than the hook leader line. This way if a hook gets snagged you will lose the hook instead of losing your rig. When you initially feel a snag, resist the urge to fight back by pulling on your rod. If the hook is snagged this will only embed it deeper into the snagged object. Instead, release your line just enough to remove any tension and shake your rod tip. This may be enough to dislodge the hook so that you can continue your retrieve. Since sinkers can get snagged also, you can attach them to your rig using a heavy duty rubber band. The rubber band has to be thick enough for a secure hold during a long cast but thin enough to fail before your line does when snagged. This must be tested in an open area away from other anglers and checked often for signs of failure.

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